A while back I was introduced to a product that is what I believe the best bore lube on the market. They also have a bore cleaner that is top notch. Why do I think this is the best? The bore cleaner has a much higher flash point than regular bore lubes. Why does this matter? Well flash point is the temperature where combustion occurs. Most barrel lubes will burn away just after a few shots. But not this stuff, it will stay put shot after shot. This is important to long range shooters to keep your barrel from building up copper fowling and putting wear on your barrel.

Slip2000 EWL 4-Ounce

Now the Barrel Cleaner will remove all kinds of copper from your barrel. The cleaner your barrel the more accurate your shots will be. A dirty barrel will also encounter more wear than a cleaner lubed barrel.

Slip2000 Carbon Killer Bore Cleaner

You spent a lot of money on your firearms, so protect your investments with some high grade lube and cleaner. You wouldn’t put grocery store off brand oil in a sports car would you?






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