Anyone ever notice the Black Diamond on a tape measure every 19.2 inches.  I noticed that and was currious what it was for.  Wikipedia says these markings are called “Lizard Piss markings”.  They are used in buildings to space out  trusses at 5 trusses every 8 feet.  I also read somewhere that it applied to either joists or rafters but I can’t find where I read that.  The article stated that it was cheaper than the 16 inch centers but stronger than 24 inch centers

16 inch centers would divide 8 feet into 6 studs/rafters/trusses/ect.

19.2 inch centers would divide 8 feet into 5 studs/rafters/trusses/ect.

24 inch centers would divide 8 feet into 4 studs/rafters/trusses/ect.

Enjoy this little bit of information and maybe it will come in useful someday.





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