My Barrel finally came in so I was able to finish the assembly of my 10/22.  For anyone that is considering building a 10/22, it is very easy.  The list from my previous post does include every part needed to build a fully functional rifle (minus a scope and scope rings).  I was going to post a video of the assembly but there are plenty of them on youtube, and the pins I ordered are very tight in the receiver so I didn’t want to to take the gun back apart.

Now that I have the gun assembled, there are a few parts I would like to talk about that I might change or at least consider if I were to build another gun.  First off, the pins I ordered for the gun were a pain to install.  I tried warming the receiver in the over and freezing the pins but they were still too tight to install.  Since the ends of the pins are threaded, I had to install the screw to try to tap them in with a hammer.  I was afraid of bending or galling the threads when doing this so keep this in mind if you order these.  Also you have to countersink the pin holes on the receiver which is very easy to do if you order the countersunk bit.  Chuck up the bit in a drill and slowly take a little material out and test fit the screw.  When the screw is flush, do the other side and you are done.

The second part I would like to mention is the stock.  I really like the stock and have been looking at purchasing one of these for years.  I never noticed that these do not include a hole for a sling.  This is not that big of a deal since I can always drill and install one later which I plan on doing.

The bolt for the 10/22 is awesome looking in the gun.  I would highly recommend it from the looks of it (but I have not shot the gun yet and will update soon).  There are also some cool looking ones at, but I don’t know much about their quality.  I really like the one on their website that says Squirrel Slayer.

Below are some pictures of my new 10/22.  Every part on it is custom.  I also took a few pictures with my silencer installed and a couple of my Marlin 917 that I have used for the past few years to squirrel hunt.  That has been a very good gun, but the ammo is more expensive that .22 ammo.  I will post another update shortly after I have had a chance to shoot the rifle.  If you have any question feel free to ask.







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