The first step in the process is planning. There is a lot of money that can be saved here. We had custom plans drawn in 2015 for $0.42 per finished square foot. This is a much lower cost than in most areas but that’s an advantage of living in a low cost of living area. So how can you save money? Here are a few way.

First off, research plans and figure out what you want and don’t want in your house. Make a list, save pictures on pintrest and across the internet. The more time you put into this step the better off you are. This can take a lot of the overwhelming decisions out of the picture if you already know exactly what you want. If you see kitchen cabinets like you want, book mark them or print off the picture. Same goes for anything else you that you want in your house, bookmark it so you can decide later.

For House Plans, you can save some money buying used books. Some of these books can be bought for 25% or less of the cost of books at the big bookstore. You can also search house plans online and many websites. When you find something you like, bookmark it. I have always found it easier to look through books to get ideas because your able to sit together and flip through plans. On the internet, there are so many plans it can be overwhelming. So narrow down your search using some cheap books before you head to the net. If your interested in some of the books of house plans, below are a few that I found that had used copies very cheap. The pictures a click able and will take you to amazon where you can purchase the book.










So how is any of this saving you money? It could very well be cheaper to have someone local draw you a set of plans than purchasing them from the websites. You can take them ideas from website plans, pictures you have, plans from books and let them create a new plan that incorporates the features you want in your house. So how do you find someone to draw plans for you? I went to a few local home shows and talked with the builders. I asked questions and asked who they used to draw their house plans. Usually they will give you the contact information for you to contact them. Remember to ask the builders how much it cost to draw the plans, you will learn why in just a second. So now just contact them and see what they will charge you to draw plans. Compare the rates to what the builders said the rates were. If there is a large difference, you might want to ask if the builders get a discount. The builders may have just misquoted you a price. If there is a discount, it may be better to get the plans drawing through the builder but I do not think this will be the case.

Most builders charge percentage for building a house. Some will charge a set fee. When I looked at the builders quote sheet, he included the price of the plans in the quote sheet. Next the total for the quote was added up and a percentage was charged to the total cost. So when you think about it, they are charging you a percentage on top of the cost of the plans for just getting them to go with you to meet the drafter. You and the drafter will be doing the work, the builder will likely not go to every meeting with you and the drafter and go through all of your plans. So here is an opportunity to save a little bit of money by taking the ready plans to the builder. Its not huge savings but it adds up. You are also not going to be locked into a single builder at this point. Every builder is different, some may not charge you a percentage on this, some may build the house for a set fee and not work off percentages. Either way, it an potential opportunity to save so check it out.





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