Rust Removal with Electrolysis

You may have seen the videos on YouTube showing how to remove rust with an old analog battery charger and some laundry or washing soda. Well old battery chargers are hard to come by and when you do find one, it may not even work. I burnt up one plugging it into a regular 110 socket that someone rewired to 220v for some unknown reason. The only other one I managed to find didn’t power on. There are two solutions to this that I have...

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Upcoming Projects

Stay tuned for these upcoming projects Plasma Cutter and CNC Plasma Table – Primeweld with a langmuir systems CNC plasma table ig Welder – Primeweld tig welder, one of the best options for your money My Home Workshop is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to...

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how to fix shaky video on your GoPro

I hate when I record something on my GoPro and when I get home I find out the video is shaky and looks like crap. I also hate watching shaky video on Youtube where you almost get sea sick watching it. To solve mine and your issues, check out the Steadicam for a GoPro. This little device will help to keep your camera steady and your video clear. It comes in four colors so pick your favorite color and start shooting stabilized video...

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How to find the best deal on a trash pump for a Gold Dredge.

For my pump i searched for at least a month.  I priced out options and Google searched everything.  I even tracked down the manufacturer that builds the pumps for keene.  I thought i was really on to something then, but they only sell to Keene so don’t worry with going that route.  I ended up buying a engine from Harbor Freight using a 20% of coupon.  Now to save a 3% on this percent on this purchase I used a website called Mr....

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Misquito Traps

A while back I posted where I found how to construct a homemade mosquito trap.  Well I have recently moved to our family’s farm house and have found a significantly large population of mosquito.  There are many websites listed online that tell you how to construct one of these.  They are very simple to make and all you need is a 2 or 3 liter bottle, yeast, water and sugar.  Cut the top off the 3 liter bottle and insert the top of...

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How to fix a split snowboard

For anybody that owns their own snowboard (or skis) you may find this handy.  If you ever hit a rock or stump your snowboard layers may separate.  If you carry this to a snowboard shop they will charge you over a $100 bucks to fix it.  I had this happen to me the first trip I took with a brand new board.  I studied up on how to fix it and made the repair and all was well.  Last year it happened again, so I took some pictures of fixing it...

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