Building a zip line

I was looking at building a tree house for my son and was wondering how to build a zip line for him. I ran across a few zip line kits that allow you set up a zip line between trees. Some of these kits include everything you need, and some of them include everything except for the steel cable. Some of the zip lines come with harnesses and others just with a handle. There is no need to go into instructions on how to install the zip line, they are...

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Gold Pay Dirt

If your looking for some gold pay dirt to test out your equipment orĀ  maybe just work on your panning skills here are a few bags for a reasonable price.             My Home Workshop is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to...

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A cheap and easy way to fix or patch a hole in waders

If you own a pair of waders, you will eventually end up with a leak. It may be a small hole like a thorn or a rip from a sharp stick or barb wire. I have managed to get all types of holes in my waders and so far I have been able to fix all of them with a product called Shoe Goo. This stuff works better than any patch I have used and I have tried a lot of them Shoe Goo This stuff is cheap, under 5 dollars. Smear some on your waders and let them...

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Adjustable Hammock Straps

Maybe you have seen the Eno adjustable straps for a hammock pictured below. They run about 25 dollars for the set. If your looking for an alternative, check out a rock climbing Daisy Chain. They are easy to set up, and easy to adjust, and you can get buy with only one of them. They are a little shorter than the Eno versions, but they work great for me. You know they are strong enough if they can take a fall by a rock climber. You may also want...

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Hide your money and valuables with a diversion safe

If you have anything of value in your house, you should check out a diversion safe. It is too easy for a criminal to break into your house and get your stuff, so protect yourself. Most criminals will only look in obvious places and get out of your house quick, to not get caught. This could be different if you have advertized your not at home (like on facebook). That is another subject by itself, but don’t tell people you are out of town...

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Garden and yard Irrigation for trees, shrubs, gardens and plants using the Snip-N-Drip System

Tired of your plants dying? I was! I have a plot of land about 30 minutes from where I currently live that I have planted fruit trees, grapes and blackberries. Since this is out of the way, I get very little time to water the trees and plants during the summer when it gets dry. I set out to fix the problem and I think this could be very useful to a lot of people. First I already had a timer for a sprinkler system that I could use. I used the...

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