Dune Buggy

Custom Header and Exhaust

For my due buggy engine swap, I decided to use a VW Jetta engine because of the price of the engine I found.  I bought the engine, and found out there are not a lot of aftermarket parts out there for this engine.  The engine is from a front wheel drive car, so the exhaust and header wrap under the motor and straight out the back.  Since I was mounting this engine on a VW bus 091 transaxle, I would need to build a new header for the engine to...

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Dune Buggy Build

About three years ago I started building a dune buggy.  I had the frame that I bought a few years back, and had it running but it was not in good shape. Some of my posts over the next few weeks will show some of the things I did to this buggy to turn it in to what it is now.  The pictures above show the original condition and the condition before I did a motor swap.  It currently has a VW Jetta water...

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