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Video Camera Extended Battery

In a previous post I talked about how you can run some specific models of video cameras on a external battery source through the USB cable.  Yes you can operate some cameras while the battery is charging.  I was able to record video using my Panasonic video camera and recharge the battery at the same time.  This is really useful when the prices of batteries are sky high.  Or maybe you are taking a long trip away from a power source and you...

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HC-V250K review / why I chose this instead of the HC-V550 and HC-V750

I recently purchased a new HC-V250K camcorder and it is awesome. The zoom on this thing is better than I imagined.  I compared this to my digital camera that had a 12x optical zoom and a total of around 30x digital zoom and am blown away.  This camera will go out to 90x optical zoom and you can change a setting where it will go out to 3000X digital zoom. The only thing I have not liked about this camera is the fact that aftermarket batteries...

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VW-VBT190 and VW-VBT380 aftermarket battery alternative

If you are looking for a VW-VBT190 or VW-VBT380 battery for your Panasonic HC-V250k, HC-v550K or HC-V720 then you may be in the same boat i am in. As you may have noticed there are currently no aftermarket batteries for the cameras and the Panasonic batteries are a little pricy. I have tried a few things and explored a few options and I wanted to share a few possible work around for the batteries that you can use till some aftermarket batteries...

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