I finally got around to posting about my Ruger 10/22 scope.   I ordered a Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn 6-18×50 scope because I already had one on my Marlin 17 and liked it really well.  The scope was clear, easy to see through and had kept its zero for a few years.  The scope came in, I mounted it up and shot it a few times then put it away.  I finally got back around to playing with it and noticed something was wrong.  I couldn’t quite get the gun to zero and the scope was already adjusted all the way to the right side.  I also noticed I could barley make out the cross hairs in the scope and the cross hairs moved as I moved my head.  I realized something wasn’t right with the optics and it had bad parallax.  I wasn’t very happy with the purchase at the time.


Well luckily i had the original package and paperwork, so I used the warranty on workmanship and sent the scope in for repair.  Well a few weeks later a brand new scope arrived at my door.  I mounted the scope and took a look through it.  Everything looked perfect and I believe I have a good scope.  I haven’t had a chance to sight in the scope yet due to getting home late in the afternoons but I will update this as soon as I do.  So far I would recommend this scope to anyone in the market.








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