I was looking at building a tree house for my son and was wondering how to build a zip line for him. I ran across a few zip line kits that allow you set up a zip line between trees. Some of these kits include everything you need, and some of them include everything except for the steel cable. Some of the zip lines come with harnesses and others just with a handle. There is no need to go into instructions on how to install the zip line, they are simple and straight forward to install and should come with instructions. Buying one of these kits will be much easier than piecing together all of the parts needed to make the kit, plus if something goes wrong the manufacturer has went through the trouble of testing the kit for safety. Take a look below at the kits I found. Note: the kits state the total length of cable, not the distance between the trees. So buy a kit that is longer than the two trees you intend to install the zip line between. Also note I am only showing the availability of these kits, I am in no way stating the safety of these. Purchase and/or use of any zip line related component is at your own risk.

90′ Eagle Series Seated Zipline Kit

70′ Eagle Series Seated Zipline Kit

150 ft Extreme Zip Line Kit with Harness

Slackers Value Series Zipline Kit (70 or 90 ft)

I also found a kit for the trolly only zip line kit. This kit does not include the steel cable and if must be purchased separately. This kit is useful if you want to create a custom length zip line. You can purchase the cable on the same page as the trolly kit, but I do not want to link to the cable on my webpage because I am not certain of the strength of the cable. If you purchase cable separately, you are using this at your own risk.

Xtreme Zip Line Trolley Kit

Make sure your zip line has a brake or stop included on it. Also make sure this is set an appropriate distance from the tree. You wouldn’t want someone falling off and hitting head first into the tree at the end.

Zip Line Stop Block

ZLP Trolley Brake Block

The last think you may want if you build a zip line is a tree protector. This will prevent the cable from cutting into the tree and possibly killing the tree. A dead tree in your yard could be costly to remove and can even lower your property value. So this tree protector could save you a lot of money in the end.

Tree Huggerz Tree Protector Kit, Green

Just remember if you purchase any of these to keep safety in mind. Follow the instructions included with the Zip Line Kit! Make sure these are not set up very high off the ground, if a child falls and breaks an arm you could be liable. Purchase and/or use of these items or similar items is at your own risk. I am not responsible for any injury due to purchase or use of a zip line or any similar item.








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