My wife and I purchased land in 2013 with the intentions of building a house on it. For the last two years we have studied house plans, looked at ideas and have developed the idea of our dream house. I started researching ways to save money while you were building a house and read a lot of articles. I have read money saving forums and noticed there is not a lot of really useful information. Sure there are so general ideas on buy a bigger lot and split it up to sell half of it, but most of these so called tips were worthless for me and probably most of you. I decided to list out the information I have found and find during my progress. Hopefully someone will find some of the information useful and will be able to save them some money.

So far, my wife and I have completed the plans on our house. We have spoken to multiple builders, visited showrooms and visited the big box stores more times than I can count. We still do not have a start date planned but I expect this to be in the next 6 months. Having plenty of time has worked to our advantage. We have had time to research and plan out exactly what we want so that there will be few changes from our plan. Its much cheaper to make changes early than during construction.

I expect there to be many blog posts, so check back often to see if there is anything new.





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