If you own a pair of waders, you will eventually end up with a leak. It may be a small hole like a thorn or a rip from a sharp stick or barb wire. I have managed to get all types of holes in my waders and so far I have been able to fix all of them with a product called Shoe Goo. This stuff works better than any patch I have used and I have tried a lot of them

Shoe Goo

This stuff is cheap, under 5 dollars. Smear some on your waders and let them dry, this will take just a few hours. The Goo gets down in the neoprene of the waders and creates a seal. My last pair of waders had a solid patch from the crotch all the way to one of the boots that covered more than 75% of one of the legs. My waders stayed dry (unless i got another hole in them). If I found another hole, I just added more Shoe Goo. So save your wallet and fix your old waders with some Shoe Goo and have a dry hunt. This stuff also works to fix soles of shoes and stuff like that too.






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