If you are looking for a VW-VBT190 or VW-VBT380 battery for your Panasonic HC-V250k, HC-v550K or HC-V720 then you may be in the same boat i am in. As you may have noticed there are currently no aftermarket batteries for the cameras and the Panasonic batteries are a little pricy. I have tried a few things and explored a few options and I wanted to share a few possible work around for the batteries that you can use till some aftermarket batteries come out.


(If your looking for information on a HV-V250, HC-V550 or HC-V750 Camcorder by Panasonic you can read my review Here)

Some places have mentioned using a VW-VBK360 battery and removing the extra tab from the battery. Some people have mentioned that this battery caused an error on their camera saying this battery can not be used. I decided to buy one and try it out since they were not too expensive.

Panasonic VW-VBT190 Battery Pack

So the battery came in and I broke the tab off the battery and tested it out. Sure enough I get the same error saying this battery can not be used. Since I already had the battery and broke the tab off of the battery I could not return it so I decided to take it apart to see if there was any work around. Below are some pictures of the batteries that



If you can tell from the pictures, there are four cells in parallel that are attached to a chip. Since these four cells are in parallel they are all the same voltage as the output.

Option 1 – Cut open the VW-VBT190 battery that came with your camera and solder the chip to the VW-VBT360 battery. Then glue the battery back together. This option doesn’t appeal to me because you could end up messing the chip up.

Option 2 – The wall charger that came with the camera uses a USB connection. Also the camera will run while plugged into the wall without the battery. I decided to try hooking my camera to a cell phone battery pack to see if it would run. It Does!!! This means you can easily recharge your camera or run your camera off the pack while away from a power source. Since most of us do not use our cameras for extended periods of shooting, you can plug up your camera during shots. These extended battery packs come in all sizes and shapes and you can purchase them for 10 dollars to 100 dollars. I purchased the one below that has a 15000mAh rating where the larger Panasonic battery only has a 4000 mAh. It should last almost 4 times longer than the larger battery and cost 1/3 of the price!!!! Note: not all of these are the same. I read a few reviews on amazon about one I was about to purchase and found out that the mAh was overstated. I opted for a little more pricy option because I wanted to get one I felt might come close to the rated power. Check out the one I bought below, and you can see other options sold by amazon. This should work until the price of the batteries comes down a little. Hope this helps someone.

Clicking on the picture will take you to the product page on amazon

Anker® Astro E5 15000mAh Ultra-High Density External Battery Pack


Rapid Charger Dual AC Adapter for Anker Astro E5,

UPDATE: A company has started making some external batteries specifically for cameras. As a note the capacity of these batteries are a little small at 6000 mAh especially when compared to the batteries listed above. Either way, check them out and decide for yourself. The link to one of these batteries is below.


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