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Gold Pay Dirt

If your looking for some gold pay dirt to test out your equipment or  maybe just work on your panning skills here are a few bags for a reasonable price.             My Home Workshop is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to...

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HC-V250K review / why I chose this instead of the HC-V550 and HC-V750

I recently purchased a new HC-V250K camcorder and it is awesome. The zoom on this thing is better than I imagined.  I compared this to my digital camera that had a 12x optical zoom and a total of around 30x digital zoom and am blown away.  This camera will go out to 90x optical zoom and you can change a setting where it will go out to 3000X digital zoom. The only thing I have not liked about this camera is the fact that aftermarket batteries...

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The Best Bore Cleaner and Bore Lube

A while back I was introduced to a product that is what I believe the best bore lube on the market. They also have a bore cleaner that is top notch. Why do I think this is the best? The bore cleaner has a much higher flash point than regular bore lubes. Why does this matter? Well flash point is the temperature where combustion occurs. Most barrel lubes will burn away just after a few shots. But not this stuff, it will stay put shot after shot....

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A cheap and easy way to fix or patch a hole in waders

If you own a pair of waders, you will eventually end up with a leak. It may be a small hole like a thorn or a rip from a sharp stick or barb wire. I have managed to get all types of holes in my waders and so far I have been able to fix all of them with a product called Shoe Goo. This stuff works better than any patch I have used and I have tried a lot of them Shoe Goo This stuff is cheap, under 5 dollars. Smear some on your waders and let them...

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Adjustable Hammock Straps

Maybe you have seen the Eno adjustable straps for a hammock pictured below. They run about 25 dollars for the set. If your looking for an alternative, check out a rock climbing Daisy Chain. They are easy to set up, and easy to adjust, and you can get buy with only one of them. They are a little shorter than the Eno versions, but they work great for me. You know they are strong enough if they can take a fall by a rock climber. You may also want...

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