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How to fix a split snowboard

For anybody that owns their own snowboard (or skis) you may find this handy.  If you ever hit a rock or stump your snowboard layers may separate.  If you carry this to a snowboard shop they will charge you over a $100 bucks to fix it.  I had this happen to me the first trip I took with a brand new board.  I studied up on how to fix it and made the repair and all was well.  Last year it happened again, so I took some pictures of fixing it...

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Ruger 10/22 Build

Well I have all of my parts for my 10/22 in except one, the barrel.  It has been on back order for a month and a half now and I still have a few more weeks before it is expected to be in stock.  Everybody is buying guns/parts/magazines like crazy because of the talks at the White House.  The wait time on the phone at Midway is 20 minutes or more, and the expected response time to a email is 5 days. With all that being said, I hope to have...

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