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Dune Buggy Build

About three years ago I started building a dune buggy.  I had the frame that I bought a few years back, and had it running but it was not in good shape. Some of my posts over the next few weeks will show some of the things I did to this buggy to turn it in to what it is now.  The pictures above show the original condition and the condition before I did a motor swap.  It currently has a VW Jetta water...

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Gold Prospecting

Ever since I was little I have always been interested in gold prospecting.  A few years back (before gold was over $1000 an ounce) I took a trip to Alaska with my father and for the first time did some prospecting.  While I was there I purchased a sluice box from a local miner for $60 dollars.  I spend a few days with a shovel and a bucket loading up the box and found some color.  Unfortunately I did not take any pictures of prospecting or...

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Cheap Pneumatic Air Cylinder

While I was in college I worked on a baseball thrower project for one of my clases.  One of the interesting components that we made for the project was a Pneumatic Air Cylinder from a screen door closer unit.  This cylinder worked very well for what we were using it for, but I have not found another use for one yet.  The pictures below will give a general idea of what I am talking about (this was a school project so the quality of work is of...

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I am currently an Mechanical / Systems Engineer by trade.   My hobbies include just about everything, but over the years, I have found what I enjoy most about a new hobby is the challenges of  figuring our problems and building random projects associated with these hobbies.  I have decided to start a web page dedicated to the problems and projects I have ran into over the years, and that I will be working on in the...

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