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Gold Dredge and Highbanker Plans

I finally got back around to finishing my posts on my Dredge and Highbanker Plans.  I took some pictures (in my attic) of my dredge/high banker so you can see how I build it.  In a previous post, I showed how to build the hopper box portion and posted dimensioned drawings so you can build your own.   In this post I will talk about how to build the sluice box portion and where to get materials. If you need some paydirt to test out your...

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Free Hopper Box Plans

Here is the design that i used for my hopper box. I designed this myself, and you are free to use it and change it how ever you like.  The current design uses a industrial air conditioner vent as the grate, but you may need to find something else or design something yourself as a grate.  The air conditioner vent will get blocked by some rocks and can be tough to get them out.  The box itself works great though.  I think I changed the opening...

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Custom Header and Exhaust

For my due buggy engine swap, I decided to use a VW Jetta engine because of the price of the engine I found.  I bought the engine, and found out there are not a lot of aftermarket parts out there for this engine.  The engine is from a front wheel drive car, so the exhaust and header wrap under the motor and straight out the back.  Since I was mounting this engine on a VW bus 091 transaxle, I would need to build a new header for the engine to...

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Gold Prospecting Finds

Today I wanted to share with you a picture of the Gold I found while prospecting.  I found this using my Highbanker / Dredge combo that I built, and also using a rented Highbanker at the Alabama Gold Camp.  I do not have a picture of the results from only my Highbanker /  Dredge but a good portion of it came from using it since I only rented a Highbanker for a few hours.  Also I still have a 20 gallon tub of material to work through but i...

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Tape Measure Marks

Anyone ever notice the Black Diamond on a tape measure every 19.2 inches.  I noticed that and was currious what it was for.  Wikipedia says these markings are called “Lizard Piss markings”.  They are used in buildings to space out  trusses at 5 trusses every 8 feet.  I also read somewhere that it applied to either joists or rafters but I can’t find where I read that.  The article stated that it was cheaper than the 16...

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